How much will a funeral cost?

Every funeral we arrange is unique and it’s the choices that you make that will determine the final cost of the funeral. We'll guide you through the funeral choices available and give you a clear, written estimate of how much the funeral will cost based on the arrangements you’ve chosen.

In 2018, the total average cost of a funeral was £3,987 including our fees plus third party fees (essential services delivered by others that we will manage on your behalf).

You may like to watch our animation video below for information on paying for a funeral.

Excluding third party costs, the average cost of a funeral last year (2018) was £2,863, but the final cost could be more or less depending on the choices you make and where in the UK the funeral is to be conducted. Our lowest price funeral is our Simple Funeral which costs £1,895 (excluding third party costs). We also offer a Cremation Without Ceremony service for £1,395. 

When arranging a funeral, there are a number of choices to be made which makes up the final cost. For example, you will need to choose between a burial or a cremation, the type of coffin, transport for the day, embalming, funeral flowers and so on.

Services that we provide

These are the things that make up the cost of the funeral:

  • Funeral Director services to cover all aspects of the funeral arrangement. This includes personal supervision of all the arrangements before, during and after the service, liaison with third parties, such as clergy, crematorium, cemetery and florists, use of the funeral home facilities, preparing and attending to all essential documentation and provision of all necessary funeral personnel to provide a dignified and personal service.
  • Caring for the deceased, bringing the person into our care, preparation and presentation of the deceased, embalming (if chosen).
  • Provision of a hearse and all necessary personnel.
  • The coffin or casket which will be fully lined and fitted.
  • Extras like limousines and flowers.

Additional costs for services provided by others

These are often referred to as third party charges or disbursements, and we do ask for payment for these when you arrange the funeral.

These can include for instance:

Minister or Officiant’s fee
Burial or interment fee
Gravedigger fees

Cremation fees at a local crematorium
Minister or Officiant’s fee
Fees for cremation documents

The cost to purchase a grave/burial plot should also be considered if you choose a burial.

Other third party costs could also include: musician fees for the service, grave digger fees (sometimes these are included as part of the interment fee), fee to remove a headstone for burial to take place, permit fee to erect a headstone, a fee for the scattering or burial of ashes plus other fees relating to memorial options.

On average last year (2018) our clients paid £1,124 in third party fees but this is a national average and may not reflect the price you might pay in your local area.

Costs vary significantly across the country therefore the price you pay could be higher or lower than this amount depending on where you make your funeral arrangements.

Other factors can also change what you pay in 3rd party fees such as the time and day of the funeral or whether you choose a burial or cremation (usually cremation costs less).

For a more accurate estimate of 3rd party costs in your area, please contact your local funeral director.

 If it’s getting too expensive

We know that money can be difficult at this time. We can always look for changes we can make to the arrangements that you’ve selected to help to tailor costs.

The Simple Funeral

For clients wanting to arrange a simple funeral, we offer a ‘Simple Funeral’ option, the cost of which is lower than the average price of a funeral we arrange.

Take a look at what our Simple Funeral includes.